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Introduction to the Pendulum

Online Workshop

Have you been wondering what a pendulum is and what to use it for? Have you felt inspired to discover practices to strengthen your intuition?

Have you been wondering how to support the opening of your third eye?

Have you been trying to find alternative ways to find answers to your questions?

Then this workshop is for you!

In this fun and interactive workshop we will:
* Learn how to choose a pendulum;
* Find out how to take care of your pendulum;
* Learn how to clear energy through the use of a pendulum;
* Explore various practices for using the pendulum;
* Learn how to use the pendulum in the opening of the third eye and strengthening of intuition.

During this evening we will explore the pendulum and its use in depth through the sharing of information as well as hands on practice.

Please have with you:
- Pendulum
- Paper
- Pen/pencil
- Deck of playing cards

If you do not have a pendulum, check out our online store, the Divine Mine, at
We have plenty of choices for everyone!

Cost: $50 + GST

Payment & Registration Details
Registration happens through purchasing a ticket on the Divine Mine website. Once registration and payment has been completed through the website, login details for Zoom will be emailed to you.
Go to the registration page by clicking here

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