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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation.jpg

The mindfulness meditation practice is a powerful meditation technique that has many qualities to it. It is not only a way to -experience peace the moment we sit on the cushion, but through this, we can implement this practice and use it when challenges arise in our day to day lives.

Mindfulness meditation can instantly relieve stress, facilitate healing on all levels, increase intuitive abilities and create a space where we consciously experience our state of being. When we practice mindfulness, we experience the peaceful, blissful state that is inherent to our true nature, even in the midst of chaos. Our innate intelligence is instantly awakened, which will eliminate confusion and find instant solutions for challenges we face. This practice is very simple, yet very profound.

Anyone is welcome to join, no previous meditation experience required.

Chairs are provided, if preferred to sit on the floor please bring a cushion or mat to sit on.

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