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Full Moon Meditation

at Divine Mine South

Every month at the Divine Mine, we will meet for an evening of inspired discussion and guided meditation organized around the day of the full moon.


These meditations will help you develop awareness and understanding of the zodiacal energies and how to use these energies to transform yourself into a healthier, happier, and more successful person.

Some people think that such gatherings are worshipping the moon or doing some sort of odd ceremony. In truth, it has nothing to do with the moon. At the time of each full moon, the moon is blocked by the light of the sun. The sun is in direct alignment with a zodiacal sign and this alignment of the planetary and solar centers creates the opportunity for the sun to transmit its energy to earth - either directly, or via the ruling planets of that sign. The direct transmission of this energy or contact releases tremendous energy all over the planet.

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In the words of Torkom Saraydarian: "This opportunity for contact is a moment of regeneration, a moment in which one can again contact his lost vision or contact a new and greater vision, charge all his being, and set his steps right on the path of evolution and service... there is a greater opportunity to annihilate many obstacles and hindrances in one's nature."

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