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Divine Co-Creation Meditation

Divine Co-Creation Meditation

A new year has begun, the beginning of a new cycle of adventures. Before we start this new adventure, it is a good idea to re-visit where we have been, where we are and where we would like to be heading. This evening is dedicated to supporting you in doing exactly that. We will use tools like journaling and meditation to explore our inner world, and manifest in the outer world.

How can we consciously tune in to that which wants to happen this year? How can we become active participants in the co-manifestation of our reality? What is stopping us from expansion, and how can we move through this by the divine grace? How can we experience that the divine will and our will are one and the same? How can we experience health, wealth and well-being through meditation?

Divine Co-Creation Meditation.jpg

This evening we will explore this and more by doing some journaling exercises and a guided meditation. Tonight is a date night with our selves. In our busy lives, we often make time to spend time with everyone else, but very little time with ourselves. Tonight, we will make some quality time for us.

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