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Paws4Bliss Guided Home Retreat


Experience some special, sacred time one-on-one time with your animal companion through this one-day home retreat.

This day will consist of different parts:
- learning to understand our animal companion better through the Art of Listening;
- mindfulness meditation with your animal companion, a section on health & wellness;
- energy healing for animals will be part of this fun one-day home retreat. Learn how we are energetically connected and how we can use this understanding to our and the animal’s benefit.

Allow yourself to relax into the moment, deepen the connection with your animal companion and learn valuable ways to take the best care of him/her.

This one-day retreat is done through Zoom video conferencing. Please make sure not to be distracted or disturbed for the duration of your retreat with your animal companion.

Please have ready:
- A comfortable place for you to sit;
- A blanket for your dog to lie on for some of the exercises (the dog doesn’t need to be on the blanket throughout the whole duration of the workshop). If your feline friend is attending the workshop with you, he/she does not have to be right near you throughout the duration of the retreat. For the interactive parts of the session you can go where the cat is.
- A pen and paper

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Payment & Registration Details
Registration happens through purchasing a ticket on the Divine Mine website. Once registration and payment has been done through the website, login details for Zoom will be emailed to you.

To register for this event click here: Registration

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