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Spiritual Self-Care Meditation


We have entered into a time of tremendous transformation and shift in human consciousness. The last year we have faced many challenges, the old ways are leaving and the new ways of existing are being birthed. We can use this time for our and the planets’ upliftment.

According to the ancient Vedic tradition of India we are currently in a transition period where we are leaving Kali Yuga (dark age, the age of ignorance) and entering the Satya Yuga (era of truth). Join us in this beautiful meditation to participate in the conscious awakening of consciousness, to experience inner peace that is inherent to our true nature.

In this time where the world is riddled with fear and insecurities, let us connect deep within where we can clear all these toxins from our system. What the world needs now, is friendliness, connection, understanding. We cannot force this to happen and “try” to be peaceful. However, when we become still of inner and outer noise, we will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty we find inside. We will then start radiating this out, just like the sun.

No previous meditation practice or experience required, just come as you are. Meeting through Zoom.

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Payment & Registration Details
Registration happens through purchasing a ticket on the Divine Mine website. Once registration and payment has been done through the website, login details for Zoom will be emailed to you.

To register for this event click here

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