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Third Eye & Crystal Healing for Animals

For All Creatures Great and Small

Whether animal companions that live with you, wild animals that you have a picture of or any other being of nature (plants, trees, crystals, etc); this session is specifically offered to all those beings. There are separate Third Eye & Crystal Healing sessions for human beings.


Please bring a picture to the session of the animal/being you would like to request healing for, or your animal companion can join this session with you.

This healing session is offered by Sanghavasini Ananda who is an initiated healer of HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam. The healing will be done through the third eye and a specially energized crystal called an “Atma Linga”. Please note that these healings are NOT a substitute of allopathic or holistic veterinary care.

This session is offered through Zoom video conferencing.
Zoom details: Meeting ID: 997 806 9535
                         Password: 1Paws!
OR click here to go directly to the zoom room. Please arrive 5 minutes beforehand so that we can start on time. 


Cost: Free of charge

Third Eye & Crystal Healing for Animals.
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