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Clearing Meditation

We are experiencing tremendous shifts in inner and outer world. For the past few years so much turbulence has happened and still is happening in the universe, on planet Earth as well as in our inner world. As above, so below. In this phase of becoming, of evolution, nothing is how it was before, the new way of living is still forming and is yet to be defined. This lends for powerful opportunities to tap into our inner resources to wake up to who we were born to be and consciously manifest the next phase.

During this clearing meditation we will go on an inner journey to tap into our soul purpose and awaken to it so that we can start aligning with it consciously. Purposeful journaling, guided meditation, and energetic clearing of negative influences of lifetimes, chakras and energy bodies will be offered to support you to experience the next phase in your journey of awakening to your divine presence.

Life is meant to be a celebration; we were not born to suffer. The clearing offered during this meditation will support the shift from living in the lower frequencies of the chakras of fear, greed, anger, jealousy, the need for approval and frustration, to the higher frequencies of the chakras of unity, love, self-expression, and immense causeless joy. We were meant to live as Gods and Goddesses on planet Earth. During this meditation we will awaken, embrace, and integrate our future selves.

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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Important note: This meditation is not per se meant to support you in manifesting what you want so that you can be ‘happy because of these outer things and circumstances.’ This meditation will support you in awakening to the divine being that you are, so that manifesting what you want becomes a joyful, effortless, beautiful way of living. From the sheer joy of being, which is independent of ‘outer’ materials, what you want to manifest is simply a side-effect.

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