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Sanghavasini Ananda

In 1996 Sanghavasini’s inner journey started more intensely through an energy healing form known as “Usui Reiki”. She experienced great transformation and decided to become Reiki Master, so she could share this experience with others. Her journey and curious nature continued in the Netherlands by taking courses in foot reflexology, massage therapy, meditation and NEI (Neuro Emotional Integration) developed by Roy Martina, two levels with Ramtha the Enlightened one, channeled by JZ Knight. Sanghavasini attended several meditation retreats, including a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Belgium. After she moved to Canada in the year 2000 her journey of self-discovery continued. 

She received certification in Healing Touch for people as well as for Animals and animal communication. She attended workshops with Eric Dowsett on Energetic Clearing, and several workshops, including “Body Speak”, with Pietro Abela, founder of the ARC institute. 

After a very deep experience during a ‘self-conducted’ silent retreat Sanghavasini was led to her Guru, HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami. The connection was completely organic and very deep; she knew that this is what she was looking for her whole life - to be in the presence of a living spiritual master who could teach and guide her first hand. Sanghavasini has been to India several times and have attended numerous programs and volunteered in the aadheenam (formerly referred to as “ashram”) since that blessed day in September 2009.

Much transformation has happened along the journey. In order to be able to share her experiences with others and be an inspiration, Sanghavasini has offered private sessions, meditations and workshops on various topics since 2004 out of the Divine Mine bookstore in Calgary. She has found a way to combine her passion for music and meditation in the form of Mantra Chanting (Kirtan) and offer it in different locations across the city. As life has it, she continues her journey of self-discovery and continues to share through “Sanghavasini Ma”. 

May everything Sanghavasini offers be a support to all. May the community that is being formed during the meditations and workshops be a network for all to enjoy and fall back on. 


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